About Rob

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Rob has lived most of his adult life in the McEwen electorate with his family of being part our communities for generations.  Rob raised his family here, played team sports here since he was a teenager and he’s been actively involved in a range of community organisations for decades.

As a tradie, a volunteer, a business manager and our local MP, Rob has lived the challenges of life in the outer North and regional Victoria. As a founding member of the Community Emergency Response Team, or as an RACV mechanic helping drivers on Victorian roads, Rob has played a hands-on role in the community. As a local he understands the need to have a secure job, a safe community. Rob knows the importance of having the services we need locally.

People always say Rob is authentic. They know they can trust him. He is a straight shooter. He is one of us. As an MP, Rob knows that he is here for us and that his role is to work together to improve people’s lives in our community in whatever way he can.

Rob has always fought for and secured funding to ensure that all his promises to the McEwen electorate have been delivered.

You know you can trust Rob to get positive results.

Core Issues for me at this Election:

Childcare: We know the challenges families with young kids face trying to balance paying the bills and giving our kids the best start to life. I know the stresses this puts the whole family – particularly in our communities where people have to work as much as they can to simply pay the mortgage and put food on the table. No-one should be penalised for taking on extra hours or extra days on a job. Improving our childcare system is a fundamental economic reform. If we want to help families, we need to ensure that parents have a government that will support them and their children. 

Medicare: We all have our health challenges from time to time, and we all need a safety net we can rely on when things get tough. For members of my family this has meant lifesaving surgery to address Marfan Syndrome. I know how important Medicare has been in ensuring that those close to me get the medical support they need, even when they don’t have the money to pay for it. I meet people who sacrifice their healthcare to pay the bills. I know we need to do better that’s why I will always fight to protect Medicare and strengthen our healthcare system.

Roads and Infrastructure: I spend every day on our roads, and I know that for the past 9 years we have been short-changed by this government on road funding. I’ve seen the results firsthand as an emergency responder and a roadside mechanic. I know how critical good roads are to getting people home safe. I also know the frustrations of sitting in traffic when you just want to be at home with your family for dinner. I am committed to ensuring we have the infrastructure we need in our growing towns and suburbs to get to work on time and home safely.